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SAGA baking papers and cooking papers

Our baking papers and cooking papers are stocked in large jumbo reels. From them we convert sheet or rolled goods, either in standard dimensions or in your desired dimensions. So, the preparing of your food will become efficient, simple and clean. Upon request, we supply neutrally packed or as your private label.

Baking release paper Multibake: This multifunctional baking paper is suitable for almost all applications in industrial bakeries. It is non-stick coated on both sides, heat-resistant up to 220 ° C and reusable.

Baking paper Premiumbake: This baking paper is designed for pretzels and frozen food. Even when wet, it is still very tear-resistant and even more greaseproof than the Multibake baking paper. It has an even better non-stick coating on both sides.

The Multibake and premium grades are available in white and brown. We also provide papers with a one-sided anti-stick coating, which we can print individually on the back side with your logo. These varieties are not only suitable as advertising-effective baking paper in the counter presentation, but also for the packaging of burgers or wraps.

SAGA cooking parchment:

The SAGA cooking parchment is a groundbreaking innovation for commercial kitchens. It does not only lower the costs, but also makes the food even tastier. Like all SAGA papers, SAGA cooking parchment is made of certified wood and is biodegradable and compostable.
By laying out your GN baking molds with SAGA cooking parchment, you can reduce food waste by up to one portion per baking pan, as your dish is prepared evenly and does not burn or stick to the sides. In addition, the finished dish can easily be taken out of the mould. The SAGA cooking parchment also preserves the structure of the dish and keeps it juicy even when reheated.

One and the same sheet can be used for preparation, transportation and serving as the SAGA cooking parchment will stay moisture-resistant for several days depending on the dish. This means that you can prepare the food well in advance. The paper is also suitable for foods with high liquid content.

The SAGA cooking parchment prevents the food from burning and sticking to the baking mold. This will save your time and money by eliminating unnecessary washing and increasing your focus on your customers and other tasks. You also need less oil and fat. The use of SAGA cooking parchment is easy for your employees and you do not have to invest in additional equipment.

The standard sheet size is 40 cm x 60 cm and is ideal for 65 mm deep GN 1/1 baking pans. However, we can also equip SAGA cooking parchment in the desired format optimized to your requirements.

Size: 40 cm × 60 cm
Packaging: carton dispenser for 500 sheets