Back- und Kochpapiere, Papiere für die Fleischverarbeitung, Boxeinleger, Papiere für die Lebensmittelindustrie …

Verpacken und Werben, Trennpapiere, Antihaftpapiere, Technische Papiere für diverse Anwendungsbereiche …

our main competences … in a nutshell:

  • very large assortment of various paper grades in mother-reels on stock
  • Converting-equipment either for narrow reels (from 12 mm width) up to large formats(Q1: 165 x 455 cm, Q3: 225 x 260 cm).
  • Large and ideally matched machine park of cross cutters, rewinders, gouillotines and flexo printer

We are able to fulfill even unusual customer requirements inexpensively. A lean shape and extensive market knowledge helps us to realize this. We love the medium paper and stand by our name behind what we do. With our „Combination Machines“ we are very flexible and at the same time effective in all questions of packaging and special papers.

An example:
Let’s go today for Kraftliner in 200 g / m², in the format 150 x 425 cm, running tomorrow on the same machine a tissue paper in 19 g / m² in the smallest format. Reels with a width of 12 mm and a weight of 400 grams are just as much a part of everyday life as rells in 245 cm with 3,000 kgs weight.

Resellers appreciate our wide stock range of the most common packaging and specialty papers. We always have mother reels in stock, waiting for your decision: Will they be sheeted, rewound or printed ?

Of course we would also convert paper provided by yourself as subcontractor.