Back- und Kochpapiere, Papiere für die Fleischverarbeitung, Boxeinleger, Papiere für die Lebensmittelindustrie …

Verpacken und Werben, Trennpapiere, Antihaftpapiere, Technische Papiere für diverse Anwendungsbereiche …

working at Bausch Papier


I like working at Bausch Papier, because I can constantly develop myself here. In the last few years, I’ve received more tasks and responsibilities in my area, which has given me a lot of inner growth. Since the company is a family-run business, the cohesion is very important here. It is constantly being worked on to ensure a good working atmosphere between the colleagues and that works very well so far!


I like working at Bausch Papier because we are a very good, well-rehearsed team, where the work is fun. I also think it’s extremely good that we are a multi-cultural mix of employees. The work is varied and therefore rarely boring.


Gottfried „Goofy“

I enjoy working at Bausch Papier because my work and I are valued here, because of the positive working atmosphere, because we are an international team and all employees are welcome, because it is family friendly and because I can and and are asked to contribute my ideas.


I like to work for Bausch Papier because my work is varied due to a large variety of products, because of a friendly and team-oriented approach to superiors and colleagues, because of the respond to my wishes and suggestions and of the other employees and because they give me the opportunity to learn and understand better the german language.