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grass paper

Grass paper in natural colour is THE innovation when sustainable packaging solutions are required. It is now also available as a certified wrapping paper for foodstuffs.



Grass paper is made from 100% renewable resources. The amount of grass comes from domestic compensation areas and therefore will not be removed from feeding cycles. Water consumption in papermaking is significantly lower than that of conventional paper with wooden pulp.



Grass paper is compostable, the disposal can be done via the bio bin.
For wrapping burgers, wraps, cheese and cold cuts, grass paper has a specifically increased wet strength and increased fat density. It is printable individually with your advertising statement on our flexoprinter with waterbased colours.



Grass paper is a monomaterial in the sense of the german packaging law and causes the lowes waste fee. Make a valuable contribution to the reduction of plastic waste by using grass paper.



Download: product-information as pdf-file (german)