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Meatpack – meat preserving paper

This modern and innovative paper, also called steak paper, keeps your fresh meat and food appetizing and keeps it longer fresh. The meat retains its natural color and does not dry out. This is achieved by the double-sided water- and grease-repellent coating of the paper, whereby leaking fluids are rejected and thus remain in the food. This reduces the weight loss of the meat to a minimum. The open-pore structure of the paper ensures that the meat can “breathe” and will not discolor.

Coloured in deep black, the meat refreshment paper is THE trendy-modern eye-catcher for a premium product presentation. Your presented food remains fresh and appetizing, escaping meat juice is collected. Of course, the black Meatpack paper can also be used as a valuable and flexible packaging paper.

In the industrial meat processing industry, products are separated by Meatpack paper, for example in E2 boxes. For this application, the peach-colored paper is usually used in 45 g/m² in the standard format 35 x 57 cm. On request, we pack the Meatpack paper in lightweight plastic bags and then in E2 boxes, which are put on H1 plastic pallets. So you can carry the pallet directly into your production area without the need of repacking it; In addition, practically no packaging waste is created by using the exchangable boxes and paletts.

Standardized formats are 35 x 57 cm, 19 x 28 cm, 28 x 38 cm and reels in 380 mm width with 320 meters. Please ask us for special dimensions. The peach-colored paper can also be printed individually in our house with your logo.