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Packaging papers for food

For these exciting applications we have different varieties in our product-range.

Depending on whether the food to be packaged is hot or cold, dry, greasy, moisty, sticky or flavored, we will be able to recommend the right solution made out of paper or of paper composites.

The lifecycle of your products will play a key role in the choice of the adequate packaging paper: Do you need a short-term packaging solution that will be ideal for hamburgers, wraps and sandwiches or should the paper have an antibacterial coating for the spicy flavored gourmet cold cuts that will be stored for a longer period in the consumer’s refrigerator ?

If the package is intended to be an eyecatcher or an advertising medium, you may be enthusiastic about our fancy deep black specialty paper for food. Or should your paper be compostable, made of unbleached pulp or even grass and leave the lowest possible ecological footprint nevertheless a high fat density or wet strength? Or maybe you are looking for a combination of different properties?

We would like to discuss these questions in a personal conversation with you in order to reflect your individual targets. And then we will find the perfect solution for your challenge together.