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Paper for minced meat and burgers

Our special paper for minced meat is used in the industrial meat processing as an intermediate or underlay for meat products. It has an improved grease-proofness as well as an improved tearing resistance in wet condition.

On request, we supply our special paper for minced meat with a single-sided PE coating as a barrier for liquids or with a single- or double-sided antistick coating. For all the various processing machines and applications, we produce a high variety of reelwidths and lengths, as well as different tube diameters. Special paper for minced meat separates the conveyor belt from the meat product, ensuring a clean production environment. Later, in the shell, minced meat can absorb moisture and liquids.

For burger patties we convert our paper for minced meat to pattypaper, depending on the size of the patties from 80 x 80 mm to 200 x 200 mm or larger.